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Our chefs prepare you a personalized refined cuisine, unseen before in Uganda. Trained by a renowned Belgian chef, Gregory Knuets, Francis and Kepher offer an inspired and modern fusion cuisine mixing European and African influences. Everything is homemade here. The products we use are all local and most of the vegetables come from our own garden. We will offer you a unique menu, redesigned every day, to please your stomachs. We also offer vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan and kid-friendly dishes on request. Baloo's kitchen is just waiting for you.


Our specialties

Nile fusion maki with home-smoked tilapia

Salad of the Kipling garden with feta 

Quiche bacon-spinach with salad

Tropical mango flower salad

Beef tagliata with chilli-tomato butter of the Chef (mild)

with Belgian fries

Tilapia with lime puree and dill butter

Kipling coconut curry with chicken and rice (mild) 


Belgian chocolate volcano with passion caviar

Vanilla panna cotta with passion caviar

Mama's chocolate mousse


Italian homemade pesto with pasta

Kipling coconut curry with veggs and rice

Three course-meal is included in half board and full board options.

Outside guests : on reservation, 25$ / pers.

Snacks for lunch : homemade pizzas or salads

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