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Royal cottage

Royal cottage

Full-board 2 people : 255$
Half-board 2 people :225$

Traveller cottage

Full-board 2 people : 210$
Half-board 2 people : 185$

All rates above are for 2 people and include break-fast and three-course dinner.

Although the rooms are initially foreseen for two adults we are very happy to make arrangements to welcome families with children.
All rooms are self-contained with hot water and have a view on the Nile River.
The Royal cottages are more spacious and more... Royal.
Lunch for lodge-residents can be decided on site and is 10$ for salads, pastas or pizzas.

We offer free internet in the evening.
Please contact us for further details.

Please kindly note that to confirm bookings Kipling requires a non-refundable 50% deposit.
For basic info and rate table please download our pdf or contact us at

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