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Have a morning walk through our farm with our gardeners. Share ideas around sustainable soil-management, permaculture, zero-waste economy, pest-free food and agro-forestry.

Learn more about how we grow the vegetables you eat but also vanilla, ginger, turmeric, hibiscus, tobacco, pepper or even how we create a virtuous circle with our organic waste in order to produce eggs for breakfast. 


The Nile River is where it all started. Have a sunset boat-ride on the mighty river and let its energy sooth your soul. Whether you wish to do it with a fishing rod or with a bottle of wine and a snack, our team in partnership with the local fishermen will ensure you have a private conversation with the river.  We will provide you with a life jacket and you'll have the opportunity to admire the waterfalls upstream from a safe distance. 


In our Jungle we care about everybody's health and we believe that good health and longevity is a consequence of a sound balance between challenge and rest. To make sure you can challenge your body in a pleasant and beneficial way we are happy to offer you a holistic spa experience with sauna, for the heath challenge, yoga for the physical and mental challenge, massage from soft to deep and last but not least, a cool dip in our pool.


If you're in need of adrenaline, the river offers a range of exciting activities including rafting, kayaking or tubing. Our team is happy to assist in booking your next adventure with some of the best service providers on the Nile including:





"Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul." And whether you like it with an engine or with pedals, the surroundings of the lodge, from the Mabira Forest to the Isimba dam are a perfect playground for riders. If you're in need of renting a bike or even prefer old-fashioned horse for your ride, our team can assist you in contacting service providers:



Last but not least, our team is restoring 4 vintage Royal Enfield motorbikes. So if you like an old-fashioned and unique ride, stay tuned.


Not only our food but our crockery, furniture, uniforms, napkins, bedsheets... are made on site at Kipling. As we believe in the healing powers of creating something, we're happy to offer pottery and tailoring workshops to our guests with talented Ugandan craftsmen and women. They shall make sure you can take some knowledge but also your creations home. 


As the production of vanilla is growing in Uganda, the vanilla farmers are contributing to conservation through the protection of the trees who shade their vanilla vines. Every vanilla flower has to be hand-pollinated by the farmers to produce a vanilla pod. Have a walk around Kipling and meet vanilla farmers with Enimiro Uganda, an agro-company which supports farmers in producing quality products sustainably. 


Jinja City is located at the Source of the Nile on the shores of Lake Victoria. It has therefore acquired the title of capital of adventure sports in East Africa. But besides that, Jinja also has a vibrant history and rich architectural legacy. It is the second urban center of Uganda with significant economic importance and some great Indian and local restaurants.

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